Vagi balance


Acetic Acid 1.25%, preservative, purified water.


Vagi balance has a characteristic composition which sterilizes the vagina and acts as antifungal .It has pH

between (2.8 -3.5) which balances the vaginal pH that helps vaginal mucosa to keep its normal activity . Vagi

balance contains purified water especially prepared for vaginal washing.


Vagi balance vaginal douche is used in the following cases:

- For treating cervical erosions especially before cauterization to make it smaller and after

cauterization to avoid recurrent of cervical erosions.

- For treating small cervical erosion that dispense of cauterization.

- Increase the probability of having female babies.

- For treating bacterial vaginosis which include the following symptoms:

• Vaginal discharges with dead fish like smell especially during sexual intercourse.

• Itching in the vagina with pain and burning.

- Half of women infected with bacterial vaginosis do not show the symptoms ,so it preferred to use vaginal

douche routinely.


- For large erosions before and after cauterization : once daily for 5 days.

- For small erosions without cauterization : once daily for 5 days.

- For bacterial vaginosis : twice weekly or as recommend by the physician.


-Fill part (B) with the solution that is ready for use in the bottle (use once ) .

-Connect part (A) with part (B) , then slowly insert part (A) into the vagina and press part (B) strong to douche

while standing up in the bath or sitting on the toilet .

Note : relaxing the body facilitates the insertion of the douche.

Important notes:

- Wash the applicator with clean water and dry it after use.

- Do not lend your applicator to others.

- Not to be used by virgins.


- Keep away from sunlight.

- Store below 30°C.


Vagi balance vaginal douche : Bottle of 200 ml.