General Management Word


The pharmaceutical and Medicines  industry is one of the important manufacturing industrial sectors that Yemen needs to expand in the coming period.

The national pharmaceutical industry should be a mainstay in shaping Yemen's strategic economic dimension, that is due to its direct link to securing citizen health, in addition to its economic importance, and its close link to the health sector.

The state’s orientation towards adopting a national strategy to encourage and develop the local pharmaceutical industry has contributed to raising the proportion of its competitive share on the pharmaceutical market by its acquisition of 25% in the provision of medicine, an increase of 15% over previous years, and this increase occurred as a result of its expansion plans by adding new production lines and increasing manufacturing. Pharmaceutical groups required by local markets to lead the local pharmaceutical industry to play its role in achieving drug security for the country.

We aim at Shiba Pharma Co  to manufacture the drug in a way that supports the provision of health services and medicines and with sufficient levels and quality to achieve the satisfaction of citizens , To this end, initiatives and indicators have been identified that guarantee support and encouragement of investment in the pharmaceutical industries and a trend towards drug self-sufficiency.

Which directs everyone towards improving the reality of pharmaceutical education through an educational curriculum based on the methods of scientific and applied training which  outputs meet the aspirations of the labor market in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, we should all adopt a joint national responsibility to develop pharmaceutical education by academics specialized in the various fields of pharmacy to ensure the quality of outputs that meet the country's ambitions to increase or localize the pharmaceutical industries in order to ensure the implementation of the national vision that establishes a next stage in this field and consider it an important tributary to the national economy, to establishes a future stage in this field and considers it an important tributary of the national economy due to its importance in achieving phased security, providing a drug of high quality and high effectiveness, and advancing the health field with a scientific, systematic, studied, integrated vision and easy to implement and implement.


Chairman of Board of Directors

Dr.Ehsan Alribahi