Social Responsibility
 :Responsibility to individuals

. The company's business  strategy is based on innovation and The main source of innovation are employees

Shiba Pharma company doing  motivates, develops and retains its talented employees,to help them perform well in high levels of continuous success , The company also treats its employees with respect, honesty and transparency as a basis for its relationship with them

The management of Shiba pharma for  Pharmaceutical Industry adheres to the principle of equal opportunities and following fair procedures in relation to employment issues.

:Community responsibility

Shiba  Pharma Co for Pharmaceutical Industry is committed to its social responsibility role ,and It complies with all applicable laws, especially related to the environment, occupational health and safety, and ethics of business practices, employment and employment. Shiba pharma for  Pharmaceutical Industry bears its responsibility towards the community and understand the importance of living in harmony with society and contributing to its advancement, It supports charities and foundations that provide services to the poor and the needy, It also supports chronic disease associations , In addition, the company trains a large number of students of colleges of health and health institutes annually.and The technical team of the company contributes to help students who are working on research and graduation projects

Responsibility to the environment

Shiba Pharma Co for Pharmaceutical Industry is committed to its responsibility to protect the environment in all its operations, It is keen to ensure minimal negative impact on the environment you are around Including ensuring rational use of natural resources and taking into consideration  the overall impact on the environment ,The International Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company also contributes, to the extent possible, to projects and initiatives That promotes and works to protect and conserve the environment.