Shiba Pharma company for Pharmaceutical industries

With this name, we entered the world of medicine, and we are betting on achieving international standards on a drug made in Yemen for more than 300 drug brands and ambitious, consistent with the strategies of a country that aspires to achieve its drug security through local alternatives.

Our message

Shiba pharma Pharmaceutical Industry is committed to ensuring the improvement of the level of health care in society and providing medical needs with high quality and reasonable prices.

Our vision

To be the first local pharmaceutical company, and a leader in the pharmaceutical field regionally, with maintaining on the work ethics and responsibility, which consider the core of our work.

Our goals

Shiba pharma company aims to develop sustainable partnerships for development, manufacturing, joint marketing and then sales and distribution of a group of carefully selected products and manufactured drugs covered by manufacturing rights with special technologies, depending on the huge possibilities possessed by it and global standards for quality and modern techniques for drug manufacturing

Our Values

We are committed to provide our customers with the best, and working to improve our products to provide the best healthcare for all patients

Our Standards

Quality control processes are designed to meet all modern international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and ISO standards to operate factories through our laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and technologies

Our Cadres

A selection of qualified staff work in the factory with local and international carefully, in order to meet the latest required operating and production standards. A team of professionals who are continuously trained also works with us to deliver our products appropriately to all targeted markets

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Medical Product

Production Management

Shiba Pharma Co for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing producing more than 300 products, and its production line includes:
  • Liquid Drink Production Line:Liquids and suspensions.
  • Semi-solid production line ,ointment ,creams and Gel.
  • Solid materials production line,Tablets and capsules.
  • Suppositories production line.
  • Non sterile drops production line.

Quality control begins at the inspection facilities , With a focus on comprehensive documentation , This, in turn, ensures that the work is in line with good laboratory practices and thus ensure that the data is correct

When the product obtains the approval of the competent authorities and enters the production line The quality becomes guaranteed in all stages of production for both pharmaceutical materials and products.

During the production process:
  • Checking the correctness of manufacturing operations in addition to testing and certifying the equipment used.
  • Ensure through testing means that each product is capable of production.
  • Continuously improving and developing performance to update production processes and procedures.
  • Applying the highest quality standards in all that we do” is the principle of Shiba Pharma