Tricho vag


Acetic Acid 2%, preservative,purified water.


Tricho vag has a characteristic composition which sterilizes the vagina and makes as anti- Trichomona

parasite. Trichomona causes infections that is sexually transmitted, Trichomona may parasite in the male

genital tract for only a few days or weeks at most, but it can be parasite in the vagina for years. Tricho vag

has pH between (2.5 -3.5) which balances the vaginal pH that helps vaginal mucosa to keep its normal

activity . Tricho vag contains purified water especially prepared for vaginal washing.


Tricho vag used for treating parasitic vaginitis especially Trichomona by reducing vaginal pH so makes the

environment not suitable. Vaginal infection that caused by Trichomona one-celled parasite affects high

percent of women in the world , it affects genital tract in female. Symptoms of parasitic infections include:

-Thick pus vaginal discharges with ammonia smell.

- Redness and swelling of the vagina.

- Discomfort with intercourse.

- Bad smell in the vagina.

- Pain with urination.

- Itching or irritation in the vagina.

- Pain in the lower part of abdomen.


Once daily for 5 days in case of parasitic infection or according to the severity and the type of infection or

as recommend by the physician.


- Fill part (B) with the solution that is ready for use in the bottle (use once ) .

- Connect part (A) with part (B) , then slowly insert part (A) into the vagina and press part (B) strong to

douche while standing up in the bath or sitting on the toilet .

Note: relaxing the body facilitates the insertion of the douche.


Not to be used for pregnant women.

Important notes :

- Wash the applicator with clean water and dry it after use.

- Do not lend your applicator to others.

-Not to be used by virgins.


- Keep away from sunlight.

- Store below 30°C.


Tricho vag vaginal douche : Bottle of 200ml.