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Super Day

Each soft gelatin capsule contains :
Vitamin A                        2000 IU.
Vitamin B1                           1 mg.
Vitamin B2                            1 mg.
Vitamin B3                          15 mg.
Vitamin B5                           1 mg.
Vitamin B6                       1.25mg.
Vitamin B12                        1mcg.
Vitamin D3                         200 IU.
Vitamin E                             5mg. 
Calcium                          190mg.
Phosphorous                      150mg.
Super Day is a comprehensive well-balanced formula containing vitamins and minerals which is prepared for providing the body with basic elements requirements that is necessary for health and body  activity improvement, especially when it  is difficult to obtain an optimal nutrition in adequate amounts. This formula contains Vitamin  A which is an important and essential constituent that prevents  night blindness and enhances immunity and protects the body from infections.The presence of Vitamin A in addition to Vitamin  E considered necessary as antioxidant factors, that work with each other to protect the body cells from  harmful free radicals damage which is related to aging process. As this unique formula contains vitamin B group  which is necessary  for  nervous system safety and health, flushness of skin, as well as vitality of blood cells . Administration of these capsules help in bone and teeth formation, because of the presence of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. In addition to that this formula provides the body with minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Phosphor ,Iodine and potassium, these components play  a role collectively in tissue repairing and body  growth , as well as help the body organs to work well. 
Super Day is used as nutritional complement for adolescents, adults and the elderly in the following cases:     
- Vitamin and minerals deficiency states such as malabsorption, anemia and loss of appetite .
- Fatigue, weakness and exhaustion due to physical and mental overstress .
- Patients on restricted diet. 
- Geriatrics diseases.
- During convalescence following surgery or disease to strengthen normal defense mechanisms.
- Diseases accompanied by fever , and as an adjunct therapy during treatment with antibiotics.
One capsule daily or as prescribed by physician.
Hypersensitivity to any ingredient.Use in pregnancy and lactation 
Super Day is indicated in pregnancy and during lactation only if recommended by physician.
Super Day is well tolerated and does not cause any significant side effects.
Store below 30oC in a cool and dry place , protect away from direct sunlight .
Super Day soft gelatin capsules: pack of 30 capsules and hospital packs of different sizes.