Sodi vag 2%


Sodium Bicarbonate 2% , Sodium Carbonate 0.025%, purified water , preservatives .


Sodi vag 2% has a characteristic composition which sterilizes the vagina and makes as antifungal.

It has pH between (8 - 9) which balances the vaginal pH that helps vaginal mucosa to keep its normal activity.

Sodi vag 2% contains purified water especially prepared for vaginal washing.


- Increase the probability of having male babies :

Research studies have demonstrated that the male sperms (Y) are faster than female sperms (X) in reach to

the egg ,but the female sperms (X) may also be able to withstand an acidic environment more than the male

sperms (X) that makes the probability of having female babies increase more than the probability of having

male babies.

Sodi vag 2% vaginal douche works basically to increase the probability of having male babies, it works by its

active alkaline composition to neutralize acids in the vagina so provides alkaline environment that helps the

male sperms (Y) to reach to the egg and fertilize it to be male baby.

- Treatment of vaginal infections which is caused by candida albicans.

- Used before delivery to extend the cervix which makes the delivery easier.


- For increasing probability of having a male baby : Use it once daily between the 10th and the 15th days of

period. It is used half an hour before sexual intercourse.

- For vaginal infections : Twice weekly or as recommend by your physician.


- Fill part (B) with the solution that is ready for use in the bottle (use once).

- Connect part (A) with part (B) , then slowly insert part (A) into the vagina and press part (B) strong to douche

while standing up in the bath or sitting on the toilet .

Note: relaxing the body facilitates the insertion of the douche.

Important notes:

- Wash the applicator with clean water and dry it after use.

- Do not lend your applicator to others.

- Not to be used by virgins.


- Keep away from sunlight.

- Store below 30°C.


Sodi vag 2% vaginal douche : Bottle of 200ml.