Lacti vag


Lactic acid 0.1/200 ml, purified water, preservative.


Lacti vag has a characteristic composition which protects the vagina and protects the friendly

bacteria Lactobacillus that presents normally in the vagina. The friendly bacteria Lactobacillus

considered as a major part of the lactic acid bacteria group, named as such because most of its

members convert lactose and other sugars to lactic acid. The production of lactic acid makes the

environment acidic, this has an inhibitory effect on other organisms, especially Candida.

Lacti vag pH is between (3 - 3.5) which balances the vaginal pH that helps vaginal mucosa to keep

its normal activity. Lacti vag contains purified water especially prepared for vaginal washing.


Lacti vag works to provide suitable environment for friendly lactobacillus bacteria which present

normally in the vagina, has antioxidant activity and prevents fungi growth especially candida which

cause vaginal infections, friendly lactobacillus bacteria considered as first line of defense against

harmful bacteria ,yeast and fungi. Studies have demonstrated that the ability of these bacteria to

protect the female genital tract from tumor (uterus tumor).

Lacti vag is given during pregnancy to resist candida fungus ,to prevent early birth and to reduce the

incidence of pelvic infections. Lacti vag is also given in recurrent vaginal infections, when the

treatment period has completed the infection return due to the absence of friendly bacteria , so

Lacti vag is used to increase the immunity to prevent recurrent vaginal infections .


Twice weekly or as recommended by the physician.


- Fill part (B) with the solution that is ready for use in the bottle (use once ) .

- Connect part (A) with part (B) , then slowly insert part (A) into the vagina and press part (B) strong to

douche while standing up in the bath or sitting on the toilet.

Note: relaxing the body facilitates the insertion of the douche.


- Wash the applicator with clean water and dry it after use.

- Do not use more than two bottles weekly.

- Do not lend your applicator to others.

- Not to be used by virgins.


- Keep away from sunlight

- Store below 30°C.


Lacti vag vaginal douche : Bottle of 200ml.