Each 5 ml contains : Metronidazole Benzoate B.P. equivalent to Metronidazole 125 mg.

Each tablet contains : Metronidazole B.P. 250 mg, 500 mg.


Flazol is an antiprotozoal and anaerobic antibacterial agent. It is well absorbed from the GIT after oral administration and pea

concentrations are reached within 2-3 hours. It is distributed in all body tissues and fluids. It appears in breast milk, CSF and c

the placenta. Metronidazole is metabolized in the liver and both the drug and its metabolite possess in vivo bactericidal activity

Metronidazole has an average elimination half-life in healthy subjects of about 8 hours. The major route of excretion of Metron

and its metabolites is via the kidneys in urine (60% to 80% of the dose) .Fecal excretion accounts for 6 to 15 % of the dose.


Flazol is indicated for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by susceptible micro-organisms e.g. amoebiasis, giar

anaerobic infections and Crohn’s disease.



- Trichomoniasis : 2 g single dose or 500 mg / day in two divided doses for 10 days.

- Amoebiasis : 1.5 g daily in 3 divided doses for 5 -10 days.

- Giardiasis : 750 mg to 1 g daily for 5 consecutive

- Crohn’s disease : 500 mg twice daily.




- Hypersensitivity to imidazole derivatives.

- First trimester of pregnancy.


- Administer Metronidazole with caution to patients with CNS disease.

- Administer with caution and reduce the dose in patients with severe liver function impairment.

- In severe kidney impairment 50 % of the dose can be given at the usual dosing interval.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

- Metronidazole is contra-indicated in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second trimester and thereafter its usage is restric

patients in whom other alternative treatment has been inadequate.

- Metronidazole appears in breast milk and unnecessary exposure of the neonate to the drug should be avoided. A single dos

2 grams is advised for the treatment of trichomoniasis in lactating mothers.


Nausea, headache, vomiting, constipation, metallic taste, reversible neutropenia, hypersensitivity reactions in the form of urtic

erythematous rashes and fever.


- Suspension : Store below 25°C. Protect from light.

- Tablets : Store below 25°C in a dry place. Protect from light.


Flazol Tablets : Pack of 20 tablets and hospital packs of different sizes.

Flazol Suspension : Bottle of 100 ml.


2 - 5 years

6 - 10 years

over 10 years

5 ml

5 -10 ml

10 ml

3 times daily for 5 -10 days.

3 times daily for 5 -10 days.

3 times daily for 5 -10 days.

Amoebiasis In 3 divided doses for 10 days

Anaerobic infections 4 times daily (every 6 hours)

Crohn’s disease

35 - 50 mg / kg /day

7 mg / kg body weight

7 mg / kg body weight Twice daily

Indications Age Dose Frequency