povex plus

Povex Plus
Povidone Iodine USP 10% equivalent to available Iodine 1%.
Povex Plus (Povidone Iodine) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial and it is less toxic than preparation containing free Iodine. It gradually release Iodine to exert an immediate onset and prolonged duration effect against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, cysts, spores and antibiotic-resistant microorganism. No resistance to Povex Plus microbicidal effect has been observed. Its activity is not affected by blood, pus or soap. Povex Plus is non-irritant to the vaginal mucosa and reduces the risk of infection and prevents recurrence of symptoms.
- Broad spectrum antimicrobial.
- Disinfectant and cleansing douche for the treatment of candidal, trichomonal and non-specific vaginal infection.
- Pre-operative preparation of the vagina.
- For treatment of vaginitis :
Add 30 ml of Povex Plus solution into half liter of warm water (tap water) daily as a douche. Preferably before bedtime during monthly menstrual cycle. For longer periods of use, it is necessary to use the douche for two complete consecutive cycles. Consult your physician after two weeks of use.
- For routine vaginal douching :
Add 30 ml of Povex Plus solution into half liter of warm water (tap water) one or two times weekly.
VAGINAL DOUCHE APPLICATOR : Preparation before use
- The applicator consists of two parts (A) and (B) as shown in illustration.
- Fill part (B) with the solution that prepared in the previous article.
- Connect part (A) with part (B), then vaginal douche is ready for use.
- Repeat this process many times when you need. Method of use
- There are three possible body position for douching :
lying down in the bath, standing up under the shower or sitting on to toilet seat or bidet.
- Slowly insert part (A) into the vagina.
- Press part (B) strong to douche.
- Repeat the process several times to clean properly.
( N.B. : Relaxing the body facilitates the insertion of the douche ). Important notes
- Use warm water (tap water) when preparing the solution, as cold water will contract vaginal membrane resulting in improper douching.
- Wash the applicator after use with clean water and wipe it dry.
- Don’t lend your applicator to others.
- Dispose the applicator after finish treatment period.
- Not to be used by virgins.
RESTRICTIONS ON USE : Contraindications Known Iodine sensitivity. Precautions Discontinue use in case of sensitivity symptoms appear. Use in pregnancy and after delivery
Use in pregnancy and after delivery only under medical supervision.
- Store between 10 - 25°C.
- Store in an airtight container, protect from light.
Povex Plus Vaginal Douche : Bottle of 120 ml.